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Have you ever tried embedding YouTube videos, tweets or Facebook posts in Joomla? It can be a painful process! OSEmbed makes Joomla embeds super-easy. All you need is the URL and you can embed almost anything into a Joomla site!

Even if you are not an experienced developer, with OSEmbed, you can easily embed content to your Joomla site from over 60 sources including these:

Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, Slideshare, Flickr, Hulu, Kickstarter, Vine, Getty Images and many more!

Embed Tweets
Embedding tweets in Joomla articles and custom modules is a piece of cake.

Embed Instagram posts
You can created Joomla embeds for Instagram posts in seconds.

Want to embed SoundCloud audios? No problem!
SoundCloud Joomla embeds are also supported by OSEmbed

Spotify? Sure!
Embedding Spotify songs in Joomla is as simple as doing a copy-paste.

Preview the Joomla embeds in your site's admin
You can preview the embeds in backend, not only in your site's frontend!

OSEmbed supports over 60 embed providers
YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook posts, Google Docs, Deviantart, Flickr, Funny Or Die, GettyImages, Kickstarter, Issuu, SlideShare and more!

This is a plugin that makes it easy to embed content into your site, and not only videos. All you have to do is copy-and-paste the URL of a supported provider into your articles. The plugin takes care of the rest! What could be simpler?

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