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JA University - Education University & School  v.1.1.8
Version 1.1.8
Compatibility j3 & j4.x
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JA University is September 2012 template for Joomla 2.5 & 3. It is an Education themed template (just like its name) that every institution will appreciate for its simplicity, clean design and professionalism.

It is enhanced with great K2 styles comes in 9 colors. JA University comes with bonus styles and pages to showcase events, videos etc.., you can check them out in the live demo.

JA University template is perfect for schools, college's, universities or any educational institute's website.

There are two versions of JA University for you to choose from, including:

JA University built upon JA's robust JAT3 2 Framework, it's responsive and fits all the web enabled devices and mobile browsers, and

JA University T3 which is built on the powerful T3 Framework and supporting RTL language layout with all the amazing features come along with it such as: ThemeMagic, Layout Configurations, Bootstrap

Fully responsive template

  1. Joomla template for univeristy and educational institution is 100% responsive, enables anyone to view your Joomla site not just beautifully on the extra wide screen but also equally stunning on tablets and mobile devices.

4 Menu styles

If you do not like the default Megamenu style, you can always go with Split, dropline or CSS menu style.

8 Themes supported by default

Choose up to 8 color schemes for your JA University: Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Iron, Purple, Teal and Violet.

Inbuilt Google Fonts configuration

We love Google Fonts and the huge collection it holds. JA University is not an exception. You can easily configure any Google Fonts that you like, JA University supports them all.

Inbuilt CSS and Javascript compression

Built in with CSS & Javascript at core, maximize your JA University performance. Make it fast, make it blast!


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