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SJ Deals for VirtueMart  v.1.0.0
Version 1.0.0
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SJ Deals for VirtueMart allows you to create, manage deals on your VirtueMart stores in the most convenient way. You promotion products will be present with sale off percentage, original price and discount price that is really easy to follow.

With SJ Deals for VirtueMart module, you can set countdown timer for daily deal or for any period of time. It will effectively motivate your customers to view your products and buy them. In addition, with 2 demonstrations, many attractive effects available and the user friendly backend interface, SJ Deals for VirtueMart can be placed on any position to highlight your products.

# Compatibility:

Responsive design
Multi-browsers compatible
Multi-Module on the same page
Support Multi-Language
Support SEO, pre- and post- text with each instance

# Functionality:

Support opening link in: Parent Window, New Window, Popup
Set column numbers on each screen resolution
Allow to style the first product or not
Allow to choose Preload category
Allow to control the number of items to show on the module
Easy to display and the number of title/description characters of item
Allow to show/hide Price, Rating, Countdown, Percentage Discount, Add to Cart....
Allow to set width/height of product image
Support to get images from Product Image, Description, Extend Folder
Allow to change background color for images
Support lots of effect
Support many modes for resizing image of product/category: Center, Fill, Stretch, Fit, None
Allow to set Output Format for image
Allow to set time for Auto Interval Timeout and Auto Play Speed
Support to slide by Mouse Drag, Touch Drag and Pull Drag
Support Auto-play/Stop when hover
Support caching to make your website loads faster
Support to display Navigation and Loop

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