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Admin Branding by JK  v.2.5
Version 2.5
Compatibility j3
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CA pioneer and very popular system plugin to replace all Joomla default icons both on front-end and back-end (admin area). Easy to use and highly customizable. Works with default Joomla Admin Template and need no knowledge of coding. Replace Default Joomla Icons/Logos with Your Own Brand in Seconds. No Tweaking of Template / Code Is Required. Supports latest Joomla version.

✔ Branding for both Front-End and Back-End

Replace default Joomla! logo everywhere with control for Logo width and height
✔ Light Weight

Efficiently coded. Never tax your site loading time and works with any Template
✔ Super Easy to Use

Flexible and easy. Anyone can configure in matter of seconds
✔ Color Match Your Template

Control for Text and Background Color. Bring your brand's color with ease. Match the Style of your Joomla Template
✔ No Tweaking of Code

No risk of screwing your Template files while editing codes or core files. This plugin save you tons of coding time
✔ Footer Branding

You get option to brand even the footer area of Joomla with custom copyright / other message.
✪ FAQ:
↪ Do you provide support if I run into trouble post-installation or I need help with configuration?**
Yes we provide free support for installation and configuration. Just shoot us an email at our support:
↪ Which Admin template does it support?**
Up to now it supports the BlueStork, the default Admin template of Joomla. If you need support for any other admin template, please contact us
↪ I have upgraded to Joomla 3.4.x Will it work?**
Yes, our latest version is Joomla 3.3.x & 3.4.x compatible.
⥁ Fantastic Extension ★★★★★
Incredibility easy to install and use. Definitely a must have and a big time saver for personalising back-end branding. For just a couple bucks and a couple minutes to setup, it feels like a brand new admin area. Job well done and top points to the Codeboxr team on this plugin. ~ R Brooke Sopm
⥁ Simple and Easy ★★★★★
Excellent plugin !!! ~ gfakas
⥁ Fast & Easy to use ★★★★★
I think is a must have plugin for designers and everyone. ~ Adam Bako
⥁ Great Product and Service ★★★★★
Sent an email because I couldn't download the product and received a reply within 30 minutes. It was midnight were he was and a weekend! ~ Steel Fashion

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