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Joomly Contactus  v.3.22
Version 3.22
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Simple and beautiful Contact Form for Joomla 2.5 – 3.x. Customize contact form fields as you want. Fields, textareas, selects, checkboxes and other controls for your pleasure.

Popup forms
Create default or popup forms. Call the modal box on click of a button, text, menu item, any element you want.
Multiple forms
With Contactus you can add multiple forms on the same page.
Analytics goals
Module has Google Anayltics and Yandex Metrika goals template. Fill a few fields and track form submissions.
File uploader
Create forms with beautiful multiple file upload.
Recaptcha 2.0
You can add Recaptcha 2.0 to your form for the best spam protection.
Responsive design
Module has responsive design and looks good on all devices.

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