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My Testimonials is Joomla extensions that allows you to get clients testimonials and display them the way you want. It's fully integrated with Google Rich Snippet. Add clients feedback or get their testimonial from your website frontend/backend, then display your score and review in Google search results. My testimonials got integration with the Google Company Rich Snippet, review and testimonials. Plus, they's advanced layout selection and testimonial themes like masonry wall and slider. You can even add some testimonial locations and YouTube video reviews.

Watch a live video:

Main features:
- Google Company Rich Snippet
- Rating Rich Snippet
- Reviews Rich Snippet
- 2 layouts for testimonials: vertical and horizontal
- 7 display theme: masonry wall, testimonial slider...
- Build from scratch your custom design, visually
- Gravatar integration and custom avatar resizing
- Testimonial frontend submission and edition based on Joomla ACL
- Google Maps testimonial geolocation and map
- Youtube video testimonial
- Automatic testimonial text crop
- Use the editor button to insert quickly a testimonial
- Social sharing testimonials
- Notify by Email admin when a review is posted
- Display review as carousel

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