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Version 1.3.1
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JUX Social stream - a joomla social display extension from JoomlaUX team, combines all of your different social network interactions into a single network stream or displays them on a Wall in masonry style. JUX Social stream can be displayed neatly on any devices include mobile or tablet. Depending on the screen size, it will automatically adjust to fit it.

Fully responsive

Cover 16 popular social networks channel
JUX Social Stream supports up to 16 social networks with unlimited feed option so that you can display as many feed as you want.
Moreover, you can either choose limited feed count or limited feed type to control the number and regency of streams.

List and Wall Layout are available
JUX Social Stream gives you a single stream for all of your social network update, and you can display them in two different formats: A rotating feed (list layout), or network wall (masonry layout).

Able to share posts via most 4 popular networks
Visitor will be able to share your post via Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linkedin.

Easy control in back-end
Admin control is the most powerful area where you can manage which social networks will be displayed, limited feed count, social layout, ect.

Change the social config setting to tab layout.
We flexibly change the social config setting on each social network to the tab layout, so users can exactly display the essential information for each.

Show/ Hide Content on The Front-end
JUX developers add more config for social display that allows users easily select their expected option when they wish to show/hide content on the Front-end.

Highlight features
Support Joomla 3.x
Support IE 9+, Firefox 2_, Safari, Opera, Chrome.
15 social network channels supported
Unlimited feed option
Limited feed type and limited feed count options
List and wall layout
Social networking share via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn
Fully responsive
Beautiful Design with friendly UX
Simple & easy-to-use configuration
Compatible with Tablet, Smart phone
jQuery with noConflict

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