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Adding video's (youtube, vimeo, tedx, kickstarter, prezi) to your website and blog is an excellent way to attract visitors to your website, share your message AND extent your visitors 'on page duration'. One of the important criteria of search engines in determining if your content is as good as you think it is, is the time visitors stay on your page. With an ever increasing number of mobile visitors it is important to also catch and hold their attention.

Not only your content but also your embedded video's must be responsive!

This Joomla! content plugin integrates the open source FitVids.js script seamlessly into your web pages. The script will 'read' in real-time your visitors screen size and adjust the embedded video's embedded player size dynamically!

You can embed video's anywhere in your content. Copy and paste the embedded (iframe) code (not the URL!) into your article / blog text. That's it!

Currently supports:
- Youtube
- Vimeo
- Tedx
- Kickstarter
- Prezi

Support is currently Offline
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