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ConverseKit  v.1.1.5
Version 1.1.5
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ConverseKit is a Joomla chat plugin that allows users on your site to interact with one another with a super user friendly interface.

Simple Setup
Seamless and straightforward installation, start receiving messages within minutes
Instant Messaging
Keep in touch with the people that matter the most whether individually or in a group
File Sharing
Hassle free file sharing between your peers. Collaboration has never been as easy as this
Location Services
Share your current location with your peers with a click of a button. It is as simple as that
Real Time Updates
Get message updates from your peers or your groups almost instantly.
Online Status
Get connected with different ones that is available at the same time as you.
As of ConverseKit 1.0, it requires EasySocial 2.x to be installed on the site.
This dependency will be removed from future releases.

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