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JA Google Chart is a Responsive Joomla extension for Joomla 3 and Joomla 2.5. The module helps to easily build Google Charts based on the available data imported manually or from a CSV files and even Google spreadsheets. This Joomla extension supports multiple cool chart types, and its powerful admin panel enables you to customize your charts much easily. The module uses the Google Visualization API.

Joomla 3 native
Supports 11 chart types
Chart preview
3 ways to input data: manual, CSV import or via Google Spreadsheet CSV URL
Configurable Axis: horizontal and vertical
3D view for Pie charts
3 Display modes for GEO Chart


JA google chart support 11 chart types
Support 11 chart types
The responsive Joomla module comes with 11 commonly used chart types: Area, Line, Column, Geo, Pie, Bar chart, etc. Each chart has specific settings.

responsive Joomla module
Fully responsive
No matter what size your screen size is, the module will remain stunning. If you don't want it to be responsive, you can always fix the module width size.

Google chart preview
Chart preview
Configure the Google charts your way with preview panel in the back-end. What you configure will be previewed in the panel in real time.

intuitive google chart Joomla module
Intuitive configuration panel
Since Google charts have many settings and options, the admin panel is organized in smart ways to be easy for user to configure. Settings are devided into groups based on its functionility.

multiple ways to upload your data
Multiple data sources supported
You can add data directly in the Data Input field or import it using a CSV file or directly from a Google Spreadsheet using the Google Speadsheet CSV url.

view mode: 2d or 3d
2D or 3D view for Pie Chart
For Pie Chart alone, you can display in either 2D or 3D. All you have to do is Enable or Disable the "3D chart" option in the back-end.

Geo Chart supports 3 display modes
You will be able to get any type of data format displays differently depending on your preferences with these 3 display modes supported.

font and color settings

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