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The weather here in Hamburg makes us long for fire and warm socks, so let us get cozy with our multi-functional Pinewood Lake theme. Texture, authentic style and grunge elements make our March theme perfect for recreation hotels and resorts, wildlife parks and outdoor activities, restaurants and bars and other related businesses. So lean back, and let's dive into details.

Pinewood Lake has a very light and authentic style. At the same time, skeuomorphism together with realistic images gives the theme a more familiar look and feel. Other characteristic features of Pinewood Lake theme is the classic Serif typography, a lot of texture, grunge font, buttons and overlaps and smooth colors. Monospaced typewriter font and original dividers add a rustic style to the rural hotel.

Pinewood Lake comes with 6 different styles. The colors chosen for this theme are very harmonic and natural, which perfectly fits the topic. Go ahead and pick your favorite.

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