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Version 1.22.6
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With its bold design, rich colors and complex animated illustrations, this theme is perfect for logistics, distribution services and other related websites. The theme comes with 8 ready-to-use page layouts to get you started in no time. Each page layout is well-thought-out so it perfectly matches the Service topic.

6 Beautiful Styles
The theme comes with 6 diverse and fully customizable style variations that can be changed with a single click. Switch between them to find the style that suits your website best!

White Purple
White Dove
Dark Yellow
White Pink
White Turquoise

Images Lovingly Curated
Together with styles and layouts, you get a huge collection of high-quality and free-to-use images. After a comprehensive research we have hand-picked 38 images for this topic to make your website stand out! All images can also be found in the Tomsen Brody collection in the Unsplash library.

Blog Layout
This theme comes with customized blog and post layouts that fit your website perfectly.

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