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Bring the ambience of your pub, brasserie or steakhouse online with this premium food template for eatery websites. A complete package that includes all that you need to establish a functional website to reach out to your customers and promote your tasty cuisine.

The expert design used in Steakhouse provides a rustic, warm layout with an informative frontpage, including menu highlights, specials, a contact form and a map to keep you in touch with your clients. Animated elements bring life to your page for modern yet homely look that will make your customers feel right at home, with parallax backgrounds for that modern edge. Carefully-crafted image layouts compliment your text content for a superlative site experience.

Building a full website is a tough job whether you're a restaurant, huge bar and grill or a small, intimate pub, but thankfully Steak House includes a bundle of additional pages and features to make the experience as smooth as possible. A special reservation plugin lets you accept reservations instantly direct from your site via our created Reservation page, and dedicated MenuGallery and About Us pages lets you tempt visitors to make a reservation with beautiful images and delicious menu options. There's even a countdown landing page to build anticipation for your food site's release!


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