JEEMA SMS  v.4.6.3
Version 4.6.3
Compatibility j3 & j4.x
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Convert your website to a powerful SMS portal. Android, iOS & Windows App for your members. Validate mobile number at the time of user registration.Send Text SMS,Send Unicode SMS,Send MMS,Birthday SMS,Recurring SMS,Send Bulk SMS,Schedule SMS,Personalized SMS,Credits based on Routing,Dynamic Mobile number prefix,Send Article Links as SMS,SMS reminders,Integration with Jomsocial,Community Builder,Acymaling,DT- Register,Virtuemart ,Hikashop etc,Receive SMS,SMS Keywords,Subscribe via keywords,Auto respond based on receive SMS,Actions based on Receive SMS,Sell SMS Packages to your members,PIN and Voucher Generation,Integration with popular payment gateways etc.

JEEMA SMS is a professional SMS extension for Joomla.It comes with a set of features like Send SMS, Receive SMS,Selling SMS Packages, Integration with the popular third party extensions etc..


  • Send Text Messages
  • Send Unicode Messages (Ex. Languages other than English)
  • Send MMS Feature
  • Send Single SMS Message
  • Send BULK SMS Messages (On Page Submit or via Cronjobs)
  • Batch Bulk SMS
  • Send Personalized Messages from a CSV file
  • Confirmation page before sending SMS
  • Send Birthday SMS, SMS reminders, Recurring SMS
  • Schedule SMS for send later
  • Integration with Jomsocial,Community Builder,Acymaling,DT- Register,Virtuemart ,Hikashop
  • Filter SMS based on keywords
  • Charge customers based on routing.
  • Advertisement Prefix and Suffix
  • Define pre-defined SMS Templates
  • Validating Newly registered Members by sending Validation code to their Mobile number
  • Sent SMS History with Server Response
  • Send Email with SMS
  • Configure any SMS HTTP API
  • Supports non HTTP API based Gateways via custom plugin (Ex. Cydne Web Services)
  • Dynamic APIs (Gateway Routing) based on the Mobile prefix
  • Mask password info in log file
  • Create Different SMS Accounts
  • Link SMS Accounts to Joomla Members
  • Define ACL for the JEEMA SMS Menus
  • Set Auto-Credit for SMS accounts
  • Define Multiple Sender Names
  • Create Contacts and SMS Groups
  • Send article Links to the SMS groups
  • Sending Messages to SMS groups based on frequency days
  • Public groups with subscribe and unsubscribe
  • Create different categories for public groups
  • Custom CSS Templates for front-end
  • Plug-in to create SMS Accounts whenever a Joomla user registers
  • Language File (front-end and admin)

“A valid HTTP SMS API is a must to configure JEEMA SMS inside your Joomla website. If you are not aware please send your query to or support[at] We will help you to identify.”


  • Receive SMS based on Keywords
  • Define SMS Keywords for incoming SMS
  • Receive SMS without a keyword
  • Auto reply option after receiving SMS
  • Forward the Received Messages to Mobile/Email Recipients
  • Deduct credit option for Receiving SMS
  • Subscribe SMS Groups based on Receive SMS keywords
  • Send Static/Dynamic messages by sending Keywords

JEEMA SMS uses callback URL for receiving SMS

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