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VMVendor Marketplace for Virtuemart  v.3.5.12
Version 3.5.12
Compatibility j3 & j4.x
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VMVendor is a front end multivendor (digital or physical products) market place solution for Virtuemart3+. Have your site members paid for adding and selling products in your shop !

Here is a non exhaustive list of the exciting main features:

  • Front end product form (addition, edition, deletion)
    Form includes product name, single or multi categories selection, short and long description, (stock), price (free products supported), weight and dimensions, unlimited files, unlimited pictures, most custom fields types, some 3rd party customfields plugins support: VM2tags, VM2Geolocator etc...

  • Front end category addition/suggestion with notification

  • Public Vendor profile (Jomsocial, CB and EasySocial are integrated but not required) with Vendor Ajax Rating, Informations (Vendor Image, description, TOS, Legal Info etc..) and products thumbnails paginated. Share buttons, jComments etc...

  • Private Vendor dashboard: Sales and customer contacts (address and email/PMS), Vendor Pointsactivity, dynamic sales statistics charts. Product reviews, VAT taxes, shipment methods ...

  • Vendors get paid for each of their sold items with Vendor Points, a percentage of the item price. Payment happens when order status goes to Confirmed or Shipped. Commission can vary using Vendor plans according to Joomla user groups.

  • Vendors can have their points changed to Paypal cash or IBAN by site admin when they reach a treshold amount.

  • Support for Alatak.net Paypal Adaptive solution
  • Vendor reference and link to vendor public profile on product details page and inline cart and invoice
  • AJAX Google Maps for Vendors locations

  • Simple installation of all required extensions during the one click component installation process...

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