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Version 1.7.7
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NorrCompetition – photo and video voting contest extension with rating and results display. Do you have a model agency, city portal, community or thematic website? NorrCompetition can be widely used on the various types of websites drastically increasing its socialization..

✔ The main features are:
Several types of contests: photo, video, and simple (without any media)
Custom fields for entry forms
Multilingual support
Ability to upload additional photos per entry along with the photo and video (mini-gallery)
Grand-Prix status for entry
Standard CMS categories support
Top video providers support: Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vine, Rutube, Instagram and Wistia
Use of content plugins on the entry page
Create and edit contests on front-end
Clean code that does not include any encrypted fragments

✔ Contest configuration:
Time periods for contest, entries submission and voting
Vote frequency options per contest and per entry
Basic custom fields for contest entry form
Different sorting options of entries
Results display of closed contest - the list of winners and all other entries
Different comment systems. Support for Disqus, Facebook,, G+, Komento, and JComments
Text Filters for custom fields

✔ Administration features:
Managing entries in the control panel
Comparison of current and changed entry data
Ability to set a folder for photos saving
Watermark support. Ability to set transparency and margins
Flexible images settings
Notifications about new and changed entries

✔ Entry forms:
Unregistered users (guests) can submit entries
Ability to submit several entries by a single contestant
Managing (edit) entries by contestants (on front-end)

✔ Templating:
Responsive design in the default theme
Additional Bootstrap 2, Bootstrap 3 and UIkit 2 themes
RTL support
Easy setup for layouts
Embed video on the entries listing page
Open Graph and social share support
Countdown timers

✔ Antifraud protection and logging
Unfair voting protection
Votes log and export in .CSV file
IP + User-Agent combination for unfair voting protection
Native Re-Captcha plugin support

✔ Localisations ans Support
Available localisations in more than 15 languages
Extensive documentation in English and Russian

✔ Developers
Override support for themes
Rich events list for use in plugins
The component comes with core modules and plugins:
Participants module
Competitions module
Results module
Search plugin
Sitemap plugin (OSMap and MapX)
Profile Link plugin
Notifications plugin


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