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Ideal Store Locator (Finder) is integrated with Google Maps, so it that allows customers to locate your stores / contacts easily. Packed with Geo Location and Google Maps Direction your customers will never be lost again getting to your locations. The store finder will be able to list of nearby stores / contacts around your web visitors from nearest to the furthest distance away.

Ideal Store Locator Plugin (iStoreLocator) works with Google Maps API which allows your website visitors to easily locate stores/contacts on the map. It works with Contact Enhanced Component but you can also load a KML, XML or CSV file with the locations, so it comes packed with a number of features and easy user interface for both the back and the front-end; with the iStoreLocator plugin you can list stores and business locations under different categories.

A powerful and elegant store locator for your website.
We carefully crafted the store locator panel layout to be optimized for the best viewing experience no matter the browsing device you are using. Compatible with Bootstrap version 2 and 3 and HTML5, the easy to customize layout will give your business website visitors a responsive experience that is elegant and intuitive.

Geolocation Lookup
Built-in Geolocation lookup tool helps users find their current position so they do not have to type their current address to get direction to the nearest store. Click on the 'Find My address' button next to the address to find your current position.

Google Maps Directions
Your website visitors can take advantage of the Google Map Directions by a click on a button. Suggested direction is pointed on the map and step by step directions are displayed on the right.

Auto Complete Address Search
The Auto Complete Address Search field provides a type-ahead-search behavior of the Google Maps search field. When a user starts typing an address, autocomplete will fill in the rest. Instead of an address the user can also type places like museums, city halls,...

Marker Clusters
Plotting hundreds of markers on a map can quickly lead to a degraded user experience. Too many markers on the map cause both visual overload and sluggish interaction with the map. To overcome this poor performance, the information displayed on the map needs to be simplified. This is done with Marker Cluster. It works by iterating though the markers and adding each one into the closest cluster if it is within in a minimum square pixel bounds

Optimized for mobile devices
Ideal Store Locator is completely optimized and responsive across a wide range of end-user devices to provide an optimal shopping experience for mobile phones, tablets, PC and Mac. It uses the Bootstrap version included in the Joomla source, but it's also compatible with Bootstrap v3 in case your template is loading a more recent version.

Filter by distance
Your website visitors can easily find stores nearby using the distance filter. In the plugin Options you can change the default distance unit

Location/Store info
A list with all locations is displayed on the right of the map. It displays the image, distance to the location and some contact information like address, phone and links to social media

Map Styles
As of version 3 of the Google Maps API custom styles can now be applied to maps. This allows you to pick a style that matches the theme of their website.
You can create your own style using the Google Styled Maps Wizard and copy the JSON code to this field OR use an existing map from

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