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JA Social Locker module is the best choice if you want to boost your campaign, it helps increase traffic to your site by encourage people to share your content via social channels. The module will lock your desired content (promotion info, coupon code ...) in any article. The locked content is only displayed to user when they share your content via their social chanels: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. The module comes with multiple pre-made themes and buttons styles, it's also easy to customize style.

Main features:

  • Supports multiple social channels
  • Easy to style locked content
  • Content protected with AJAX
  • 2 themes and 3 button styles by default
  • Add random messages for twitter
  • Easy to customize style
  • Auto detect language

Important: Please make sure your intended use of this extension is within the scope of Social channel's terms of use

Socialize your content
Help to socialize your content
The module will lock your desired content, user will see the content when they share your content via their social channels.

Supports 3 social channels
The module allows users to like, share, follow via 3 most popular social channels: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Free to style your locked content
Style your content
When creating locked content, you can use HTML markup and CSS to make your content look good.

Project your content with Ajax
Your locked content is protected
When you enable the option "Use AJAX", your locked content will be removed from source code, this will protect your content.

Support 2 themes by default
2 pre-made themes by default
When you install the module, you can select Default or Blank theme. The default themes already looks good, but you can also customize or create new theme if you want.

Support 3 button styles
Multiple button styles
There are 3 pre-made button styles for you to use: Standard, Box and No Counter. It's also easy to customize or create new style for button.

Get random message when tweet
You can add multiple messages to the module back-end setting and when user tweet, a random message will be picked for user.

Easy to customize style
All style of the module: locker message style, theme style, button style... is stored in style.css file. The file is well structured so that you can easily customize.

Auto detect language
If your site is a multilingual site, the module will auto detect language when user switch languages in your site.

JA Social Locker module introduction
JA Social Locker module is to boost your campaign, increase traffic to your site via Facebook, Twitter, Google plus by encourage people to share content via social channels: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Free to style your content with the support of HTML, adding new theme, button styles, etc with the help of detail documentation.

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