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Failed Login Attempts Pro  v.2.2.0
Version 2.2.0
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This Joomla! Plugin records the failed and successful login attempts into the backend and frontend of your Joomla! website. It is useful for security purposes and serves as an information pool to track malicious user access (IP, country, browser, OS, etc.).

Enable logs for backend (Store the logs for failed login attempts in Joomla's back-end).
Enable logs for frontend (Store the logs for failed login attempts in Joomla's front-end).
Successful Login Attempts (Store the logs for successful login attempts in Joomla front-end).
Direct notification via email (Inform Admins for the failed and successfully login attempts).
Save Logs to Database (Store the failed and successfully login attempts into the Database).
Log Data: IP Address
Log Data: Username
Log Data: Password
Log Data: Date Time
Log Data: Country
Log Data: Browser
Log Data: Operating System

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