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RS Feedback  v.1.5.11
Version 1.5.11
Compatibility j3 & j4.x
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With RSFeedback! you can turn your visitors into active contributors to your project via feedbacks and testimonials. Get them vote and express their ideas on the project. RSFeedback! will give you a realistic picture of your project by involving your customers into it. Get them to vote the next features you want to implement or simply let them comment on your company


» Compatible with Joomla! 3.x


» Create categories where people can post suggestions
» Set permissions to groups of users
» Create unlimited number of statuses for the suggestions
» Create unlimited types of flags
» Set up auto-moderation rules that automatically mark ideas or move them
» Vote on feedbacks or testimonials
» Social media sharing options
» Display feedback items in a testimonial module
» Display the most voted feedback items


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