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Store Store Pro  
Store Pro  v.1.0
Version 1.0
Compatibility j3 & j4.x
Developer site Shape5 external
Developer Price $ 50
Price 2 €
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The Store Pro responsive Joomla ecommerce template makes a powerful solution for any ecommerce style website. The template is demo'd with the VirtueMart component and additional styling was added to match the design. We've added the "categories" button for easy acccess to any store menu you publish there. We've demo'd the template with VirtueMart but any menu can be published there including a default Joomla one. We've also included the countdown timer again perfect for any sales or promotions you may have to display.

In the theme specific area you can add a solid background color to show up behind the menu, great for when your images make the menu text hard to read. With 11 module styles you have a wide vareity of options to display and layout your site modules. Six of these module styles can have their own custom background assigned to them in the theme specific area. Be sure to check out the demo to see it all in action!
Design Specific Features
  • View These Features On The Demo
  • 100 collapsible core positions
  • 11 custom suffixes
  • 1 custom highlight colors
  • Enable or disable uppercase letters
  • Enable or disable sub menu arrows
  • Solid or transparent menu style
  • VirtueMart styled to match template
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