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Virtuemart Simple MP3 pl Virtuemart Simple MP3 player NEW Demo
Virtuemart Simple MP3 player  v.2.0.0
Version 2.0.0
Compatibility j3
Developer site JoomlaXTC external
Dev Price $ 29
Price 3.2 €
Remember to extract zip file!

JoomlaXTC's Virtuemart Simple MP3 player enables your store system to offer on-line listening of one or more MP3 audio files using a friendly player and allows you to manage these files transparently thru Virtuemart's file manager. The plugin works when the product details page is shown in your site's frontpage by searching for this tags in the description, then replacing them with a flash MP3 player that plays any matching filename attached to the product. In the example above, the matching filter is the string "_sample", therefore, any file with "_sample" as part of its filename (not the Title) will be included.


Use the Virtuemart Media Manager to upload one or more mp3 files to products, if you plan on showing multiple files at once make sure their filenames (not the Titles) have a matching string such as "_sample" (i.e. yourmp3_sample.mp3).


To add the player to a product description, simply edit the product information on Virtuemart's administration panel and add the following tags to the long description:

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